It reads like a United Nations roll call as more and more companies throughout the world seek out kosher certification. On many kosher certifiers list are companies in the UAE, India, China, Pakistan, Netherland, Italy, France and the UK, to name but a few. In the kosher industry magazines, articles cover kosher certifications in Colombia and Ecuador. Similar listings are on the websites of national certifiers of Kosher food and chemical sources say that this unprecedented demand even during the global pandemic is a reflection of the growing interest in kosher even in such countries as the UAE. They say that many are looking to expand into the dynamic kosher market which they now see as the door to the lucrative Middle East kosher and Halal markets. Now is the time to explore taking your company kosher to break into these new expanding world markets. Start by clicking here to get a no-cost , no-obligation assessment for your company. CLICK HERE to explore