Whether you have a product or production facility that you want to be certified as kosher, the process to gain certification is one that involves numerous steps. However, it is easier than many businesses expect. In terms of industrial kosher certification, the first step is to contact a company that specializes in manufacturing kosher certification, such as Industrial Kosher. From there, the process involves inspections, certification plans, contracts, and a bit more. Since over 10,000 food companies in the U.S. today produce products that are kosher-certified, gaining this certification can take your company to a whole new level in terms of markets and profits.

Completing the Application

The first step in gaining Texas kosher certification is to complete an application, which can usually be done online. Typical information you will be asked to provide include a description of your manufacturing process, where your facility is located, which products or areas of your facility you want certified, ingredients used in your manufacturing process, and a description of your cleaning process, which is vital when seeking kosher cleaning certification.

Initial Inspection

Before Industrial Kosher is able to grant industrial kosher certification to a facility, we must first conduct an initial inspection. Usually done by a rabbinic supervisor, the inspection will pay close attention to the layout of your facility, equipment used in the production process, storage facilities for raw materials and finished products, ingredients used in the manufacturing process, and other related areas. During the inspection, you can ask questions of the inspector, and also expect to be asked questions yourself. By conducting an inspection, Industrial Kosher can be sure your products will meet the high standards required by business owners and consumers.

Signing the Contract

Following your facility’s inspection, we will look over the findings and draw up a contract for your industrial kosher certification. The contract will contain such details as you agreeing to have your facility inspected by our staff during regular operating hours, our granting you the right to use the kosher certification symbol on your products, a list of approved ingredients and finished products, and other important details.

Gaining Kosher Certification

Once you have signed your contract, you will have two options for your industrial kosher certification. The first and most commonly-used by most production facilities is the annual certification. When you receive an annual certificate, this means your manufacturing kosher certification is good for one year, covering all products mentioned in your contract. After each year, your contract will automatically renew, unless either party give the other a minimum 30 days notice.

If you like, you can also receive what is known as batch certification. This will certify only specific product batches, which is common for production facilities that produce products for Passover. If you receive a batch certificate, the products manufactured will be done so under rabbinical supervision.

How Does Industrial Kosher Certification Help Businesses?

When you choose to pursue and obtain industrial kosher certification, your business will reap a number of important benefits. To begin with, having such certification means your facility has a reputation for producing quality products. By having kosher compliance certification for your facility, this lets others know your manufacturing process is supervised by an objective agency that holds your facility to the highest of standards.

Gaining industrial kosher certification also shows consumers your company is one that cares about them and their needs. Since your facility will provide products that cater to those with special religious or health needs, this builds goodwill for your company.

Finally, manufacturing kosher certification opens up new and profitable markets to your company. With over 100,000 kosher certified products on the market today, it’s easy to see how this industry is growing. Now a $25 billion industry worldwide, you can increase your profits by gaining kosher certification.

If you’re ready to begin the kosher certification process, do so by working with us at Industrial Kosher.