While most people know of the term “kosher” and realize it applies to food preparation based on Jewish law, many business owners don’t realize just how popular kosher food products and other products are becoming with non-Jewish consumers. While many people view kosher products as being of higher quality, those who have special dietary needs or desires also prefer kosher products. Once you decide to seek out industrial kosher certification for your business, you’ll reap many benefits.

Expanding Your Market

Once you gain kosher certification, you can automatically start expanding your market to include more customers. When products hit store shelves and have a kosher certification label, consumers know those items include no animal products in the preparation process, and also were produced by equipment not used in meat preparation. 

Why Should I Have a Kosher Certification?

When you are considering kosher production certification for your business, you’ll know that doing so will position your facility to meet growing consumer demand for kosher-certified products. A growing trend among people who want to abide by their religious or ethical beliefs, as well as those who want a healthier lifestyle, data shows that almost 50% of food and drink products are now labeled as kosher. By gaining the proper certification, your business will have credibility in this growing market.

Transparency and Trust

Since different businesses may have varying definitions as to what makes products kosher, customers can often have difficulty determining which products truly meet the standards they seek. Once your business obtains kosher certification, this lets customers know your products are in full compliance with the strictest of kosher standards. As a result, you gain their trust and likely have loyal customers for many years to come.

Exceeding FDA Standards

To understand the importance of kosher certification, it pays to know just what true kosher entails. Based on Biblical injunctions, kosher means only certain methods of slaughter be used, that meat and dairy products can never be mixed, and that kosher and non-kosher products cannot be mixed during the processing, handling, storage, or transportation process. By having such verifiable certification, your business can actually exceed FDA standards. 

Equipment Maintenance and Onsite Inspections

To have a kosher-certified business, you will need to follow strict guidelines regarding your facility’s equipment and transportation as they relate to your products. For example, tanker trucks used to transport milk and other dairy products, chemicals and other ingredients used in the manufacturing process must be regularly cleaned inside and outside the tank, usually under the supervision of a rabbi. Also, your facility would be subject to periodic onsite inspections to ensure kosher certification standards are being met. 

The Kosher Symbol

Once your business has obtained kosher certification, one of the biggest benefits you will gain is the ability to use the kosher symbol on your products and labels. In being able to do so, this demonstrates your company’s commitment to both customers and vendors to maintaining the highest possible kosher guidelines.Though there are many details associated with obtaining and maintaining kosher certification, the process itself is actually much easier than you might imagine. If you would like to discuss the kosher certification process and how it could help your business, contact a team member at Industrial Kosher to get started on the path to certification immediately.