Acquiring Kosher Certification

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Quite simply kosher is a material, process, and conveyance specification as precisely defined as any ASTM standard. The kosher certifiability of any product depends on what it is, how it’s made, and how it’s conveyed to market. While there are many products that are in themselves benign, the kosher end-user wants verification that the product did not become compromised in its handling, conveyance or containment. Therefore kosher certification is required.


Product constituents must be free of animal-sourced materials. On a molecular level this includes any fatty acids or their derivatives that have an indeterminate source. Fortunately the same fatty acid may be found in both plants and animals, making substitution possible.


Catalysts and other process materials that do not end up in the final product must also meet kosher material requirements, which are often stricter than for the product itself.


The conduits, storage tanks, containers, ships, trucks, and railcars must also meet requirements of cleanliness and be certified as purged of all prior contents.

Solid and liquid:

Dry solids such as polyethylene pellets require material and process certification, and are not compromised by the method of shipping or containment. Liquids, however, are sensitive to the absorption of compromising residue in shipping vessels or containers, and require certification of materials, process, and conveyance through the entire supply line from mfg. to user.

The process by which kosher certification can be obtained requires a thorough investigation of the materials and processes of manufacture, and periodic on-site inspection of manufacturing facilities, storage, and conveyance vessels.

New Facility or Product Line Design:

If required, we can provide design assistance for new or existing process lines to avoid actual or potential kosher issues. Process equipment on which several product lines are produced require special consideration and planning.

Kosherizing of Process, Storage, and Conveyance Vessels:

Most process and transport vessels may be prepared by cleaning and a variety of nullification procedures and made suitable for kosher use. Brand new vessels are kosher until used for non-kosher substances.

Maintaining Kosher Standards:

We periodically inspect facilities and review transport data in the course of continuing certification. Our kosher certification is an independent guarantee provided by vendors to customers that the product meets all kosher requirements.


Plant shut-downs, maintenance, new construction, and a variety of other special circumstances require special procedures to maintain kosher integrity. We’ve usually been there, done that.

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Contact us or submit application:

Contact us at 713-398-4513 or submit an application

Initial Inspection:

A Rabbinic Supervisor will be assigned to address your questions, guide you through the certification process, visit the plant to observe operation, and determine the feasibility of certifying products and/or services.


A written report will be created and reviewed by our experts who will advise what will be necessary to provide certification. In some instances, some modifications may be required for certification to be granted.


A letter of certification is sent to provide to clients and our kosher symbol may be used on products or labels.

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