Industrial Kosher(IK), formerly known as Rabbi Joseph Radinsky Kashrut, has provided kosher supervision and certification in the Gulf Coast region and beyond, since 1976.  It has served a broad spectrum of customers in the chemical, manufacturing, transportation, and food service industries.

As the demand for kosher has increased and Houston has developed into the third largest port of entry in the United States, a major bidirectional intermodal transshipment hub serving every region in the country and throughout the world, IK has assembled a team of people who understand the technical aspects of production, storage, and shipment in a wide variety of products and establish cost-efficient kosher solutions, while being mindful of the proprietary environment in which they work. The confidentiality of data and processes are protected at every stage of the kosher supervision and certification, addressing each company’s unique needs.

Industrial Kosher(IK), through its many years of experience with clients who range from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies around the country, has earned a reputation for expert, prompt and professional service to all its clients.


Rabbi Yossi Grossman

Rabbi Yossi Grossman


Rabbi Grossman is the Rabbinic Administrator and the Kashrus Administrator of Industrial Kosher. He is also the Rabbinic Administrator for the Houston Kashrut Association. He was the Rosh Kollel (Dean) of the Houston Kollel, TORCH and currently serves as Dean of the Jewish Ethics Institute.

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Rabbi Shmuel (Sam) Pollak

Kashrus Transport Administrator

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Rabbi Reuven (Bob) Davis

Kashrus Chemical Engineering Administrator

713-291-6023 • [email protected]

Amy Merkin

Kosher Certification Support and Billing and Accounting Manager

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