Austin TX…Efrayim Broch is proud of his Kosher Store, which in this case happens to be an island of kosher offerings in the middle of a large H.E.B. supermarket in the Texas capital. Efrayim stands beneath a huge sign “Kosher Store” and a deli counter that can match any Brooklyn store. Although the city is estimated to have fewer than 150 Orthodox families, Mr. Broch says that the key support for the Kosher Store comes from the lunch crowd, largely non-Jewish. But comes Wednesday or Thursday, his store is fully ready for Shabbos offering challahs, fish, and all other delicacies for the Shabbos. The store offers many ready sandwiches, salads and fish, as well as heated meat and deli. It is quite a site to see kosher milk from Baltimore, Norman’s Yogurt from New Jersey and Solomon’s meat products in an adjacent freezer. There is the customary Kedem grape juice and many Israeli snack items. Broch is proud of the store and even points to the nearby Eruv for the Orthodox Jews who live nearby. Retired Federation executive Jay Rubin beamed at all the goodies a Brooklyn Jew could buy in an Austin kosher store including a delicious deli sandwich on rye that was too big to bite into in one bite.